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Gem Audio Labs COMPACTOR

It is a two-channel, class-A compressor/limiter. Gain reduction is handled by a discrete VCA design based on Zener diodes and bipolar transistors. The Compactor outfits your studio with extremely high-quality, pure analog compression and limiting. Its name says it all. Sporting fewer options and controls than Gem Audio Labs Preceptor models, the Compactor gives you a straight shot of real-deal dynamics processing: compression is fixed ratio at 2:1, and limiting is modeled on the holy grail Fairchild 660. Compactor’s rugged 2U aluminum and steel chassis and stepped attenuators make it a perfect choice for both studio and live applications. Strap it across the 2 Buss or use it for Parallel Compression to will find plenty of application to use the Compactor on!

Inputs: Electronically balanced XLR

Outputs: Electronically balanced XLR

Bypass: hard relay bypass

Input impedance: 48KΩ

Output impedance: 50Ω

Frequency response: 20-22.000Hz

Maximum input level : + 21 dBu @ sensitivity +4 dBu

Maximum output level: +23 dBu

S/N ratio (A-weighted) : better than 85dBu

Meter: 0 to -20dB gain reduction

Signal path: Class-A, discrete

VCA: bipolar transistors biased by Zener diodes

Dynamic modes: limiter, compressor

Action modes: hard, soft

Attack: 0,5ms, 1ms, 2ms, 3ms, 5ms, 8ms , 12ms , 30ms

Release: 50ms, 70ms, 100ms, 150ms, 250ms, 500ms,

1sec, 2sec

Sidechain filtering : OFF, 80 Hz, 200 Hz, 320 Hz

PSU: internal

Fuses type: 230V : 500mA (slo-blo; 5x20mm) /115V :1A

(slo-blo; 5x20mm)

Power consumption: 60W

Dimensions (WxHxD) : 483x88mm (2U) x 245mm

Weight: 4,8kg


Subject to change without notice.



* Hand-made and precisely calibrated


* Mastering-quality


* Gold contact stepped attenuators and toggle switches for repeatability of your settings


* Custom torroidal transformer


* Hard relay bypass


* Independent power supply for each channel


* Sidechain HPF


* It can be really aggressive!