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Gem Audio Labs SCULPTOR

The SCULPTOR has been specifically designed with a particular sound in mind. We wanted that vintage sound to be in line with our range of compressors. This preamp is not only all you will need for great sounding recordings, but also to enrich recorded tracks during mixdown!

The EQ section is a combination of different topologies (active and passive). The idea was to use the right topology on each filter sections. That’s why we designed combined EQ: HI CUT and LOW CUT filters are based on fast active filters (12db/oct.) and have specific curve shape ( 1db boost of frequencies just before the cut-of frequency). Low freq section is based on passive LC filters (inductors + capacitors) The result is that these filters produce a really big and fat sound. Mid cut and Mid peak sections are based on parallel gyrator based fast active filters. Accordingly, the midrange is very transparent/natural and fast. The high frequencies section is (again) based on passive topology. There are RC filters (based on resistors and capacitors). These filters give a very silky and smooth sound.

This EQ is useful in tracking as well as in mastering, especially when you want to add specific color to the song. Basically, the color can be added via three stages – preamp, EQ and limit. You can of course use only the EQ or limiter section when the source is connected to the return input of the insert.

The Insert connection is a very useful inclusion, as it allows you to add and external device into the Sculptor’s chain, for example a compressor.

The limiter is very specific. It is a unique analog brickwall solution with variable threshold and two limiting modes based on metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFET) and tube diodes (soft mode), or vintage silicon diodes (hard mode). The Limiter has an easy to read peak reduction meter. The function of this limiter is to protect A/D converters against clipping, to catch problematic transients, whilst at the same time not changing the timbre of the sound. This means more flexibility for the user to further enhance the sound at the mixdown stage of the recording process. There will be an additional ADC card, one dedicated for two units.



• MIC/LINE Input: Transformer balanced XLR (Carnhill UK)

• DIRECT Input: Un-balanced TS ¼”

• Output: Transformer balanced XLR (Carnhill UK)

• Input impedance: Mic 600Ω , Line 10KΩ, Direct 1MΩ

• Output impedance: 600Ω

• Insert: Balanced TRS ¼” (separated SEND and RETURN)

• Mic gain: -5 to +65dB

• Line gain: -25 to +45dB

• Output gain: Acting as a console fader trimming input signals

• Phase switch

• Phantom power

• HPF: 20Hz, 40Hz, 60Hz, 90Hz, 150Hz, 300Hz (12dB/oct) – Active filters

• LPF: 4.7KHz, 7.5KHz, 9.1KHz, 12KHz, 16KHz, 20KHz (12dB/oct)- Active filters

• Lo boost freq.: 30Hz, 50Hz, 70Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz, 100Hz (shelf), 200Hz (shelf)- Carnhill Inductor-based passive filters

• Lo boost gain: 0dB ,+1dB, +2dB, +4dB, +6dB, +8dB, +10dB, +12dB, +14dB, +16dB, +18dB

• Mid cut freq.: 200Hz, 250Hz, 350Hz, 500Hz, 600Hz, 850Hz – Active filters

• Mid cut gain: 0dB, -1dB, -2dB, -3dB, -4dB, -5dB, -6dB, -8dB, -10dB, -12dB, -15dB

• Mid cut Q : sharp, wide

• Mid peak freq.: 1.2KHz, 1.8KHz, 2.2KHz, 3.9KHz, 5.8KHz, 8.1KHz – Active filters

• Mid peak gain: 0dB, +1dB, +2dB, +3dB, +4dB, +5dB, +6dB, +8dB, +10dB, +12dB, +15dB

• Mid peak Q: sharp, wide

• High shelf freq.: 6.8KHz, 8.1KHz, 12KHz, 16KHz, 20KHz, 27KHz – Capacitors- based passive filters

• High shelf gain: 0dB ,+1dB, +2dB, +3dB, +4dB, +6dB, +8dB, +10dB, +12dB, +14dB, +16dB

• Peak Limiter: Analog brick wall limiter working in a range between +10 and +20dBu. Two unique limit modes :Hard (Tube) and Soft (Silicon). Limit threshold is variable (Two units can be linked on the rear panel for stereo operation)

• Peak Reduction Meter : 0.5 , 1 , 1.5 , 2 , 2.5 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , >7 dB

• PSU: internal

• Fuses type: 230V : 630mA (slo-blo; 5x20mm) /115V : 1,25A (slo-blo; 5x20mm)

• Power consumption: 85W

• Dimensions (WxHxD) : 483x88mm (2U) x 245mm

• No potentiometers in the signal patch. Only gold plated rotary and toggle switches!

• Optional ADC module (release date to be advised)


Subject to change without notice.